Where do I begin?


So I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a while now.  One of the things I want to share is that you are not alone.  Now, that can mean any number of things, but let’s face it…life doesn’t come with instructions.  Your parents raise you, then you venture out into the world and try to figure out which things they told you were true and which were bullshit. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself wondering if I am the only person thinking these thoughts.  Some are happy, some are sad.  Some are down right scary.  There is a lot of social stigma out there to act a certain way to fit within societies expectations.  There is also a lot of things that are tabboo and that even though we’re all thinking about them, we’re not supposed to talk about them. After almost 6 months of thinking about what I would blog about, I decided to just write about my life.  I’m sure there will be entertaining times and there will be moments of sheer bordem, but hey…that’s life.  What finally pushed me to write something was how much it would have helped if I just could have known what the hell my parents were thinking when I was growing up.  So I dedicate this post and all future ramblings to my children.  Who knows if these will still exist in ten to fifteen years when they will start going through some of these things, but at least they’ll know why I thought the things I did.